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Practical advice to build your own business with a focus on startups, growth and content marketing.

The Playbook Blog

Simple Template to Streamline Your Content Marketing

Most content marketing strategies have a defined potential benefit to the business. They will have a mission statement along the lines of “driving increased engagement by a factor of X” or “connecting with a new audience Y”. So why do so many businesses think their content marketing strategy is not that effective? This template gives you a a simple direction to start getting the most out of your content strategy. read more

How to Start

The blank page is the true enemy of getting stuff done. This post explores the concepts of problem thinking, goal-setting and the deceptively dumbfounding proposition of “where do I start”? At the end of the day, your start can be helped by design thinking, short term goals and being brutally realistic with yourself. read more

How and Why Brand Storytelling Works

With so much marketing noise and information overload, founders can no longer rely on the "build it and they will come approach". The question is not can you build it, but will anyone care? Your best tool to cut through the noise and get people to care about your message is to tell a story that resonates with their world. read more

The 3 Pillars of Business Growth

How do I grow my business? Whether you are a large enterprise looking to provide greater returns for your shareholders or a startup looking to grow, this is THE question that most businesses focus on. This article shares the pillars of growth that we examine to test, troubleshoot and scale growth for our clients. read more

Making Better Business Decisions: A Starter Guide

Yahoo’s sale to Verizon this year has been called the “Saddest $5 Billion Deal in Tech History”, due to the series of terrible decisions that led to its sub-par sale price. Did Yahoo's leaders succumb to greed or stupidity? Or did they make the same false assumptions we all rely on read more

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