Here’s why your business needs to podcast.

Podcasting is the most under-utilised and underrated medium for building and engaging enthusiastic audiences.

17% of Australians listen to podcasts on a regular basis. With monthly podcast listenership up 75% from 2013, podcasting is today, what social media was a decade ago.

Podcasting is unique in that listeners quickly bond with their favourite shows. Regular, insightful episodes build your brand as the #1 thought leader in your industry.

Thought leadership

Thought leadership means starting conversations. It’s using considered, thoughtful content to establish your brand in your market. Podcasting lets you dive straight into the deep end, exploring complex topics and conversing with experts from all walks of life. For your customers, it keeps you front of mind and cements your brand’s authority.

A voice for your brand

Whether you’re a small business, multi-national conglomerate, or 2-person startup, podcasting gives you direct communication with your audience like no other channel. It’s the literal voice of your brand, building authenticity and putting a personality to your brand name.

Develop strategic relationships with guests

The single most valuable outcome of having your own podcast is the people you meet and relationships you build by inviting guests on your show. Podcasting is a clever way to develop your network and meet and get to know prospective customers and partners.

Engage your team and entice new recruitments

When you hear “employee engagement”, what comes to mind? Anonymous surveys, team-building exercises, free drinks on Thursdays? We’re over it, too. That’s why we see podcasting as a huge opportunity for engaging your team. Interviewing team members lets them highlight their work, and connects them—and your listeners—to your brand’s higher purpose.

Feed the content machine

Content is king, queen, and executioner. There is so much you can do with a single podcast episode—video highlights, pull quotes for Instagram, blog posts, and more.

Download a full list ways to leverage podcasting with our 11 Ways To Use Podcasting To Grow Your Business.

…whether as an alternative revenue channel, a trust-builder, a chance to speak your message, a competition differentiator, or an employee engagement tool, every business has a reason to podcast.

However, launching and growing a top-notch podcast is challenging...

...and that’s why exist.

We launched a podcast and got it to number #3 on iTunes

Upon launching The Startup Playbook, we managed to get it to number #3 on iTunes for the business and entreprenuership category within 24 hours.

We’ve been featured in

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We’re more than just great storytellers.

From concept to conversion, we’ll take care of the end-to-end business of running a successful podcast.

Stories are made to be heard. Most agencies stop at creation, but as marketers, we’re obsessed with getting your story in front of customers. We’ll take care of distribution across paid and organic media, turning your audience into true fans and loyal customers.

Here’s our stack:

→ Concept
→ Host-finding
→ Guest outreach
→ Scripting
→ Video & audio production
→ Editing + post-production
→ Branding & mini-sites
→ Publication
→ Paid & organic distribution
→ Lead capture &  nurturing
→ Blog posts
→ Social graphics
→ Shareable Mini-clips
...and more

With emergency wards overflowing all over the state, Better Care Victoria and NDHS needed a way to educate the public on better healthcare practices and getting the right treatment.

Brief—Reduce foot traffic in hospital emergency departments for non-life-threatening injuries and ailments in the Goulburn Valley region.


reduction in emergency ward traffic (compared with last 3 years)


boost in online engagement and health awareness

Accounting software for sole traders.


reduction in Cost Per Acquisition


increase in overall signups per month

PwC internal venture.


reduction in Cost Per Click


increase in lead volume

Boutique ecommerce fashion label.


return on every $1 spent on Facebook Ads


return on every $1 spent on Facebook Ads

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Your podcast team

We founded Playbook Media in 2017 as a way to help guests and listeners of Rohit’s podcast with growth and marketing. Today, we focus solely on helping businesses produce top-notch podcasts and video content.

Rohit Bharagava


Host of The Startup Playbook Podcast. Previously helped grow 150+ brands as Founder and CEO of StageLabel.

Amelia Zimmerman


Former Head of Growth at one of Melbourne’s large VC funds and Founder of Matcha Madre.

Liam Hänel


Former Founder of Lyra and other ventures.  Australian Delegate for the G20 YEA 2017 and 2018.

Giulia Milizia


Former Production and Content Producer for Fox Studios (Italy). Worked with BMW, P&G and Unilever.

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