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The Playbook Method

Understanding your Customer

Marketing is an opportunity to start a conversation with your customers. Without a defined understanding of who you are talking to and what they value, there is no way to effectively engage with your audience. The first step in our process is to study your audience.

We aim to fully understand who they are, what makes them tick and how your brand might capture their imagination. This way, your message is tailored towards each segment of customers.

Data-Driven Storytelling

Every story is told differently, depending on whether you’re telling your friends, your co-workers or your family. In the same way, our work creates a living story that shifts and moulds according to your audience’s response. This involves combining creative storytelling with a keen ear out for what the data is telling us.

With an understanding of your customer, we create a message, test its resonance and pivot according to the results. Using this data-driven approach to storytelling, you’ll not only build your audience efficiently but you’ll learn how and why your brand or product inspires them to engage.

Accelerating Growth

We use our specialized set of skills in digital marketing and access to unique networks to accelerate your business’ growth. Our work spreads your message to the widest relevant audience across multiple social media and direct communications channels. This rallies your customers into communities and encourages them to engage intimately with your brand through purchase behaviour and advocacy.

In the Playbook Media ecosystem you’ll also have the opportunity to engage with influencers and make vital business connections that will take your business to the next level.

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